South Tyneside Spring Meet Report


First of all can I say a big thank you to all of the parents who are training as officials for the club and were present on poolside this weekend and at Durham Gala the previous weekend.
Thank you to:-
and of course our qualified officials Gavin, Steve and Ruth
Thank you to you all without your commitment to the club and giving up your time to support the children we would not be able to move forward as a club and look to run our own licensed time trials in the autumn – the club and the swimmers are highly appreciative of your support.

Well done to ALL the swimmers who took part this weekend, there were some fabulous swims and lots of personal bests.

Before I give a quick round up I would like to give a special shout out to a group of swimmers who have competed over the last three weekends (Sheffield – Durham – South Tyne) and have continuously improved. All of them swimming championship times and often medalling in multiple events.
Rob Christian ( Multiple medal winner and championship times)
Esme Van Bedaf (Multiple medal winner and championship times)
Zoe Bowman (Multiple medal winner and championship times)
James Botan (Multiple medal winner and championship times)
Quanren Chen (Multiple medal winner and championship times)
Samuel Li (championship times)
Well done to you all and thank you for your dedication to the sport.

At the weekend there were far too many great swims to mention so I have listed those of special note – where technical excellence was achieved with speed.
Esme 50 Fly 34.36 Gold 200 Br 3.12.09 50 Br 40.29 100Free 1.10.80 100Br 1.30.11
Samuel 50 Bk 42.51
Amelia 100Bk 2.03.57 (first time swimming 100 :))
Sophie 200fly 3.17.60 (first time swimming the event)
Quanren Chen 200Bk 3.23.92 50 Br 42.88
Zoe 200Fr 2.40.70 50 Fr 33.15 100Br 1.38.26 Silver
James 50 fly 43.71
Ed 100 Bk 1.35.66
Henry 50 Br 47.39 Bronze and first championship qualification time

I would also like to make a special mention of Charlie and Ed’s turns – vast improvement boys this weekend well done.

The weekend without a doubt belonged to Esme – great swims girl and both Will and I know how far you have come to be able to achieve this – well done.